I first met Lauren while casting for ‘Cupid’ the web series.  From the moment Lauren entered the audition room it was clear she was a confident, assured and passionate actress. During the audition it was clear that she was well prepared and was confident in the choices she had made as an actress.

It was a no brainer to cast Lauren in ‘Cupid’ and in fact the character of Lucy was built around the choices Lauren has made in her initial audition.

As a Director Lauren was a pleasure to work with, she is passionate about the craft for acting and clearly has a deep love for the skill. When filming Lauren comes on set having fully prepared and having made clear choices for her character and what drives the scenes. She ask questions constantly ensuring that she is portraying the directors vision through her acting. Her ability to find the soul of a scene is what makes her a charismatic, natural and compelling actor to watch on screen. When directing Lauren I am confident that she can achieve the emotional depth needed to portray a living breathing character on screen. She takes direction extremely well enabling me to create the story through her acting. She is professional, relaxed, and confident giving every scene everything she has.

As a fellow actor Lauren is a joy to work alongside. Her ability to immerse herself in both the character and the script makes every take an enjoyable experience. As an actor you always have to ensure you give as much of yourself to the scene and to your fellow actors on screen and I felt that when working with Lauren I was given the freedom to play and to bounce off of her acting to create the best scene for the film. It is clear when working with Lauren that she has an deep understanding of her process and her craft meaning that when acting alongside her you are able to trust her decisions and in turn can fully give yourself to the scene. Her subtlety is what makes her acting style so compelling and in every scene the audience can feel relaxed and comfortable knowing that they have an actress on screen capable of pulling them through a story.

It has been nothing but a pleasure to work with Lauren both on screen and off.  It is rare to find someone so dedicated to their skill and so passionate. It is an even bigger rarity to find  someone that gives so much of themselves to their fellow actor. I am confident that if you choose to cast Lauren in your next project you will never be disappointed.

Michael James Dean

Actor, Writer, Director and Creative Director of Posh Dinosaur Productions


Goodnight, Gloria

“I was introduced to Lauren in 2014 when casting for a part in the Independent Feature Film ‘Goodnight, Gloria’. She was highly recommended by another cast member who brought her talents to my attention. Working with Lauren was an absolute pleasure. Prior to the shoot-day we had communicated on several occasions about her character, and Lauren was enthusiastic about delving into the role in great detail, fully absorbing the character’s emotions and motivation. We discussed the character back-story in some length! During rehearsals with Lauren I was quickly able to see new strengths in the script which were amplified by her performance. This was very reassuring as the script was always meant to allow for an element of improvisation, given the nature of the production. We reviewed the content from the original script and based on the strengths of her initial takes I confidently gave Lauren freedom to improvise most of her lines, embellishing elements which she had brought to life. Lauren’s performance was fantastically consistent take after take, and her response to direction was impeccable. She was able to start on a high and get consistently better without fatiguing, regardless of how hard I pushed.
For the consideration of future productions I would be honoured to work with Lauren again, and have already made plans to cast on future productions. I am very keen to find her limits as an actor, as currently I am very confident that I have barely scratched the surface!”

Jack Everitt, Director ‘Goodnight, Gloria’



“I worked with Lauren on a new interactive comedy pilot starring Rik Mayall, currently in post production. The nature of the program required our actors and actresses to improvise as well as performing from script. Lauren’s role as an X-Factor judge was not only convincing but also hilarious. I hope I can work with Lauren again should the pilot prove successful with broadcasters.”

Paul Murphy – Director and producer

The History of Annabel Ray

“Lauren Wigmore is a talented actress with a professional attitude and a natural ability to attune to the character requirements of a given role.”

Eddie Saint Jean (Director, Editor and Cinematographer – The History of Annabel Ray)


“Lauren Wigmore gave a quite brilliant performance in SOAPOPOLIS. Her parodic portrayal of Danni Minogue was spot on – beautifully judged and hilarious. She is a very talented performer and a real joy to work with!”

Steve Dixon (Producer, Soapopolis)

Emptiness can feel so heavy”

“At first the silence is only punctuated by the sipping of wine, but before long conversation flows with it, bringing the audience expertly into a familiar world of choices, memories, romance and ambition. Once the dialogue gets going it flows naturally and laughs are found in many ways, like an enjoyable evening with good friends.

Laura Gabriella Perkins and Dhaniella Mauger play the good friends, spending their evening Waiting for something to happen. With Lauren Wigmore as the barmaid all are very comfortable in their roles, pulling the audience into the characters worlds and how their orbits have intertwined. Each of them have charm and wit, yet give us three points of a personality triangle. Within that triangle, Lauren Wigmore slips the most into portraying the various memories of the characters, giving life to childhood hopes and dreams, teenage angst and young adult confusion with a vivacity that makes many of her lines moving. With the memories playing before the audience and in the minds of the girls, the characters are reminded how they came to be where they are, how they came to be the people they are and the difficulties in choosing a path. In doing so, the audience becomes aware of their own choices and paths, but this is never forced, as the characters are so easy to relate to.

The production is understated, with the audience sat as if in a bar, without complications that would distract from the messages of the play this works well. The homemade feel is endearing and suits this small but well formed play.

In the comfortable space, with no barrier between audience and cast this insightful piece leaves the audience dwelling on their own memories and paths.”

by Peter Carrington for remotegoat on 23/02/10