I’m off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz!

So I can finally announce my big news! As of the 31st October 2012 I shall be moving to Australia for a year! I’m going over to Australia on a working holiday visa and plan to act, work and travel around Australia! Research into the Australian acting industry is going ok, but any pointers from anyone reading this who is in the industry over there would obviously be appreciated!

I’m currently in the process of signing up to the Australian Casting Call Pro, updating my CV and website and looking into which agents and casting directors to contact. Also its been fun trying to figure out which city I’d be best to base myself in, it’s between Sydney and Melbourne at the moment, so when I’m over there I’m sure I’ll get a better vibe as to which one suits me more, after travelling around for a bit first.

 It’s a real buzz researching the acting scene over there, it has definitely given me a renewed vigour and enthusiasm. I have been watching all of my old pieces of work and going through my acting photo albums, I think you can sometimes forget to stop and take stock of the work you’ve done and how far along you’ve come; it’s been nice to have had the opportunity to do that. I’m hoping I’ll have more of a selling point over in Oz being British (and pale)! And I really really can’t wait to update you more on my acting adventures when I’m over there!

 p.s. If you want to hear more about my travels in general I have a travel blog which can be found at www.aroundtheworldthewigglesway.blogspot.co.uk/

4 weeks to go!!! Exciting times!! Stay tuned!

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