Hello! Welcome to www.laurenwigmore.co.uk the online profile of me, the actress Lauren Wigmore.


"From the moment Lauren entered the audition room it was clear she was a confident, assured and passionate actress. It was a no brainer to cast Lauren in ‘Cupid’ and in fact the character of Lucy was built around the choices Lauren made in her initial audition. Her ability to find the soul of a scene is what makes her a charismatic, natural and compelling actor to watch on screen. Her subtlety is what makes her acting style so compelling. It has been nothing but a pleasure to work with Lauren both on screen and off. It is rare to find someone so dedicated to their skill and so passionate. It is an even bigger rarity to find someone that gives so much of themselves to their fellow actor. I am confident that if you choose to cast Lauren in your next project you will never be disappointed." Michael James Dean Actor, Writer, Director and Creative Director of Posh Dinosaur Productions

"I was introduced to Lauren in 2014 when casting for a part in the Independent Feature Film 'Goodnight, Gloria'. She was highly recommended by another cast member. Working with Lauren was an absolute pleasure. Lauren's performance was fantastically consistent take after take, and her response to direction was impeccable. For the consideration of future productions I would be honoured to work with Lauren again." Jack Everitt, Director 'Goodnight, Gloria'

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