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"I was introduced to Lauren in 2014 when casting for a part in the Independent Feature Film 'Goodnight, Gloria'. She was highly recommended by another cast member who brought her talents to my attention. Working with Lauren was an absolute pleasure. Prior to the shoot-day we had communicated on several occasions about her character, and Lauren was enthusiastic about delving into the role in great detail, fully absorbing the character's emotions and motivation. We discussed the character back-story in some length! During rehearsals with Lauren I was quickly able to see new strengths in the script which were amplified by her performance. This was very reassuring as the script was always meant to allow for an element of improvisation, given the nature of the production. We reviewed the content from the original script and based on the strengths of her initial takes I confidently gave Lauren freedom to improvise most of her lines, embellishing elements which she had brought to life. Lauren's performance was fantastically consistent take after take, and her response to direction was impeccable. She was able to start on a high and get consistently better without fatiguing, regardless of how hard I pushed. For the consideration of future productions I would be honoured to work with Lauren again, and have already made plans to cast on future productions. I am very keen to find her limits as an actor, as currently I am very confident that I have barely scratched the surface!" Jack Everitt, Director 'Goodnight, Gloria'